I first stumbled upon Cavalier King Charles Spaniels a long time ago when my oldest brother got his first Ruby Cavalier.  I then began researching and found they  were truly the  most beautiful dog I had ever seen.   I was instantly smitten!    I spent the next few years researching and  reading everything I  could find about Cavaliers.  I emailed and called numerous people, most of which came across as very snobbish and unwilling to share much information.  At the time I only wanted  one Cavalier as a pet for our family.    I had experience in breeds of both  Dalmations  and Saint Bernards, so  this  prompted me  to breed these magnificent dogs to  make things better for others.    Finally,  after  searching for years,   I was able to  purchase a beautiful  Blenheim female,  Lady  Princess Isabella, daughter  of  Royal  Swiper.    About  nine (9) months later I was  able to  purchase  my first Tri Colored Cavalier, Tatum Elizabeth, both  grandparents are champions  with  a  total  of 16 champions in Tatum's fathers four generation pedigree.    A couple of months later I purchased my parents a Tri Colored male, Bentley, I wanted them to know and experience the love and loyalty that I had been able to receive from this wonder breed.   Not long after I was able to get a black and tan female, Reese,  who has by far been one of my most affectionate Cavaliers.    I was  very selective  in purchasing my  Cavaliers  as I wanted the best quality for breeding.

Our dogs are a part of our family.  We love them dearly, and especially love sharing our gorgeous puppies with other people.  I promise to treat you the way I wish I had been treated during  my long process of getting a Cavalier.    When  you hear  someone say  Cavaliers were bred for Royalty, they really were.  This beautiful breed of dogs, are truly so smart, loyal and fit for a king!

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